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Features of Face Recognition Attendance

Jan. 25, 2021

Here are the features of face recognition attendance system that the Face Recognition Attendance System Supplier shared with you:

Face Recognition Attendance System

Face Recognition Attendance System

1.The method of locating key areas of the face has high accuracy and good safety.

2. Generally, a dedicated dual-camera is used, which is a quasi-three-dimensional face recognition technology. The recognition performance greatly exceeds two-dimensional face recognition, and the algorithm complexity is much lower than that of three-dimensional face recognition.

3. The recognition performance is not affected by the ambient light, and the reliability is good.

4. Upload user name list, download Access Control attendance records and photos via U disk.

5. The device status can be set through the TCP/IP network, as well as upload and download information; network communication data encryption.

6. Naturalness, the recognition method is the same as the biological characteristics used by humans for individual recognition.

7. Completely non-contact, can avoid bacterial infection, more health and sanitation.

8. Voice prompt, real human voice prompts whether the face image is verified successfully.

9. It can be used independently, without connecting to a computer, it can complete functions such as personnel registration, face recognition and attendance, and storage of records.

I hope the above sharing is helpful to everyone, and the company also provides a Face Recognition Access Control System, please feel free to contact us if you need it

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