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Application Occasions and Scope of Turnstiles

Mar. 25, 2021

Turnstile Gate Manufacturers share with you about the application and scope of the gate, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone:

Turnstile Gate

Turnstile Gate

Application occasions

The application of turnstiles are divided into indoor and outdoor environments. The indoor and outdoor environments are different, and the applicable turnstiles are also different.

All types of gates in the room are applicable.

Outdoor use is completely open or covered, but it is necessary to consider harsh outdoor environments such as sun, rain, sand, ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, and large temperature difference between day and night. Outdoor gates need to be able to withstand these weather problems. Applicable gates Including outdoor swing gates, outdoor wing gates, semi-automatic three-roll gates, and semi-automatic full-height turnstiles specially designed for outdoor use.

The basic requirements of outdoor gates: waterproof and dustproof grade IP65, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-sunlight interference, outdoor swing gates, outdoor wing gates, semi-automatic three-roller gates, semi-automatic full-height turnstiles can be realized through special customization.

High-level requirements for outdoor gates: shared by people and vehicles, resistance to violent collisions. In some occasions, pedestrians may ride bicycles, push strollers, wheelchairs, etc. Outdoor wing gates, semi-automatic three-roller gates, and semi-automatic full-height turnstiles cannot meet this demand. Outdoor swing gates shared by pedestrians and vehicles can meet this requirement. There is a chance of being hit by a bicycle, and it needs to have the function of resisting violent collision.

Scope of application

As a kind of channel management equipment, the most essential function of turnstiles is to realize only one person at a time through blocking and releasing. Its application objects are pedestrians (including luggage and bicycles, etc.), and the application occasions are entrances and exits, but as intelligent channel management As part of the system, the turnstile can be used in different special occasions with other systems to play a greater role.

At present, the most common systems supporting turnstiles are the access control system and the ticketing system.

In the Access Control System, the earliest blocking method is the electronically controlled door, but the door cannot effectively realize that only one person can pass through at a time, and due to the limitation of the structure and form, the use occasions are relatively limited; switching to the gate can solve these problems, especially in buildings or Enclosed entrances and exits in geographical areas is very suitable for using turnstiles as the blocking mechanism of the access control system. Such as smart buildings, government agencies, corporate parks, communities, factories, prisons, etc.

The relationship between the ticket checking part of the ticketing system and the gate is even more inseparable. As long as it is a non-manual automatic ticket checking, it is inseparable from the gate. The two most typical application types are rail transit and e-tickets. Rail transit includes subways, high-speed rails, etc. The gates are no longer regarded as an independent product, but are classified as part of the automatic ticket gate; electronic tickets mainly refer to the automatic ticket gates used in various paid visits and entertainment occasions, including Scenic spots, playgrounds, gymnasiums, ski resorts, entertainment venues, etc.

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