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AI face recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal for turnstile

Jun. 15, 2020

After experiencing this global epidemic, the face recognition temperature and temperature all-in-one machine is undoubtedly the most advanced and suitable intelligent access control system, with huge market potential. In order to ensure the effective operation of its intelligent functions, a high-quality, high-performance embedded computer must be provided to provide hardware support.

AI face recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal for turnstile

In the face recognition temperature measurement access control system, it uses a binocular ultra-high-definition dynamic camera, which can compress the image acquisition time to 0.2S; the built-in face recognition computer algorithm and voice alarm system support fast face recognition (wearing a mask) and The face comparison database has a huge storage and supports real-time voice announcements and over-temperature alarms for temperature detection. The intelligent visitor system can effectively solve the problem of personnel entry and exit identity verification and ensure the normal and safe entry and exit of personnel in the park and office buildings.

Face recognition temperature and access control integrated machine is essentially an intelligent access control device that combines advanced technologies such as computers, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. Based on computer image processing systems and biological principles, it can realize image acquisition, face detection, and live measurement Intelligent functions such as temperature, access control, attendance management, and over-temperature alarm have the advantages of high recognition rate, non-contact rapid body temperature screening, and powerful application efficiency.

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