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  • AX-11C

  • AX-11C

  • AX-11C


Support camera to capture face to activate device;

Product Description

Product Feature

1. Support camera to capture face to activate device;

2. Human body temperature detection using thermal imaging; with access control attendance function;

3. Automatic alarm when human body temperature is higher than 37.3 ℃ (customizable temperature value);

4. Using RGB and living body dynamic binocular camera;

5. Supports serial port, Wiegand 26, 34 input and output;

6. Using video stream-based dynamic face detection, tracking recognition algorithm;

7. Support device local storage of 10,000 face libraries;

8. When the face database is 3,000, misrecognition rate is 3 in 10,000, 1: N recognition accuracy rate is 99.7%;

9. Fast recognition speed: (a) face tracking and detection takes about 20ms, (b) face feature extraction takes about 200ms, (c) face comparison takes about 0.2ms(1000 people database, multiple identification to get the average), 0.5ms(10,000 face database, multiple identification to get the average);

10. Binocular with infrared fill light camera;

11. Support live photo saving during face recognition or stranger detection;

12. Support HTTP Interface connection;

13. Support public network and local area network deployment;

14. Support stranger ompared with ID card function;

Provide SDK development kits to support docking with major enterprises and institutions (docking);

Product Specification

Product Specification
Face recognition temperature measurement alarm system AI
Product numberAX-11C
Screensize8 inch, IPS LCD screen
brightness350 LU
Resolution800*1028 HD screen
Camera quantity3
TypeRGB camera, living body dynamic binocular camera, thermal imaging camera
Focal length6mm
White balanceautomatic
Wide dynamicsupport
Vertical wide angle
Horizontal angle
Core parametersCPUQuad 4 cores, 1.8GHz
OSAndroid 7.1
Device interface2GB memory, 8GB storage
InterfaceAudio1 audio output(line out)
VideoHDMI2.0 Type-A interface 1
Serial communication interface1 RS232 interface
Relay output1 relay interface
Wigan output1 Wiegand output interface, supports Wiegand 26 and 34
Wigan input1 Wiegand output interface, supports Wiegand 26 and 34
Network Interface1 RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port, WIFI
FeaturesFace DetectionSupports detection and tracking of 5 people at the same time
1:N face recognitionUnder the false recognition rate is 3 in 10,000,the recognition accuracy rate is 99.7%
Stranger detectionsupport
Identify distane configurationsupport
Living body detectionsupport
UI interface configurationsupport
Remote device upgradesupport
Deployment methodSupport use public network and local area network
Stranger compared with ID cardSupport (purchase ID card reader separately)
Human temperature detectionHuman temperatursupport
Temperature detection distance<1m
Temperature measurement accuracy≤ ±0.25℃
Temperature measurement range25℃~45℃
Thermal imaging field32 X 32℃
Visitors' temperature is normal then releaseddirectlysupport
Body temperature alarm value can be setsupport
Body temperature over temperature alarmsupport
General parametersProtection classIP42, certain dust and water resistance
power supplyDC12V(±10%)
Operating temperature-10℃~60℃ (Optional thermostat))
Working humidity10%~90 %
Power consumption10W MAX
Device size240*120*24(mm)





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