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What is Turnstile Access Control?

May. 24, 2021

Designed to work seamlessly with the flow of people entering and exiting a building, revolving door access controls should be both unobtrusive and effective. While Turnstile Gates and barriers exist to prevent unauthorized access, they should also be as practical as possible for those with the correct permissions.

What is a turnstile gates?

A Turnstile Access Control System automatically regulates access to a designated building or area, usually on a case-by-case basis.  Most revolving doors require only low power to operate, so they can be fitted with safe operating voltages. Unattended revolving door systems can be programmed to allow access only to those with specific security information or credentials, without human intervention.

Turnstile Gates

Turnstile Gates

What is the purpose of a revolving door?

As the actual barrier hardware that allows or denies access to a space, revolving doors control not only who can pass through them, but also how many people pass through at a time. Depending on where they are installed, different types and sizes of access control turnstiles can be used to admit pedestrians or vehicles.

Revolving door systems can be surprisingly versatile. Switching the operation mode of a turnstile can change its function from allowing a single pass in one direction to a single pass in both directions, from a lock in both directions to a free pass in one or both directions. Locked room access modes can add a level of video or biometric authentication to a turnstile for increased security.

Where do I use a turnstile?

Access control systems can be used at any location where pedestrian or vehicle traffic needs to be regulated. Building security is just one of the reasons for installing turnstiles. There are other benefits and use cases for this type of access control. For example, offices and commercial organizations can use turnstiles to monitor visitor access or, if they are integrated with automated time and attendance systems, to manage employee hours and time on site.

Recreational facilities and entertainment venues may have different turnstile access rights; in most cases, to regulate the number of people who can move from one area to another at a time.

For high security locations such as airports, integrated turnstiles can be used as an additional security measure as well as a means of passenger separation. Let a turnstile system give your business back control

As part of a comprehensive access control system, turnstiles provide a simple and effective way to improve security and manage crowd flow. To learn more about our turnstile systems and how they can benefit your organization, please feel free to contact a Turnstile Supplier.

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