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What is the Use of Access Controller In The Access Control System?

May. 10, 2021

The Access Control System is composed of multiple modular units. The core of the entire system is the control unit, and the core of the control unit is the controller. What is the role of its existence? It is mainly responsible for data processing and storage, decoding and authenticating the information transmitted by the reader, such as the face, QR code, and swiping card, which is equivalent to the soul and heart of the access control system.

Access Control

Access Control

In addition, the controller can also be integrated across borders, and integrated and linked with other equipment systems such as fire protection systems, ladder control systems, video monitoring systems, anti-theft alarm systems, etc., through the signal transmission of different equipment, and unified processing through the Access Controller. And further perform the corresponding operations.

When a user wants to pass the access control, we usually use the controller to control the switch signal of the gate. Whether the user is through the face, QR code or other methods, the access control system will recognize it according to the transmitted method It is judged whether it can be authorized to pass, and after passing through the access control system, the gate channel will receive a control signal to open the gate switch to allow the user to enter. There is also a safety module on the controller, which is linked to the fire protection system. When a fire occurs, the access control operation is performed. There is also a fire protection button on the device. Press it to open all linked access control channels.

In addition, the elevator control function of the controller is to link the existing elevator control system, allowing the controller to control the elevator operation of the elevator, that is, the user passes the access control while transmitting the information to the elevator control system, and automatically calls and dispatches the elevator. operating.

In summary, the access control seems to be a simple door opening, but it involves many related and cross-border technologies, and has a complicated internal structure. Take the access control controller as an example, the controller is mainly composed of the main control module, input and output Module, network module, multi-door module, acousto-optic module, we will explain one by one below.

The input and output module is responsible for signal transmission. The door opening controller supports a variety of signal transmissions, which can be well compatible with mainstream access control brand equipment, and can be smoothly upgraded in the old access control project.

The multi-door module is mainly responsible for controlling various electronic door locks, and at the same time responsible for fire protection linkage, communication with the reading head, and receiving signals transmitted by the reading head.

The network module connects the access control system to the network, and integrates the access control systems of separate scenes through the server for unified and efficient management.

The security module mainly guarantees the security of the access control. It is connected to the main control through RS485, and realizes the door lock control relay, door open button detection, and fire button detection on it. Isolate the door opening execution unit from the front-end user operation unit to reduce the possibility of opening the door after being damaged.

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