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The Ultimate Guide to Revolving Doors: 4 Benefits

Apr. 23, 2021

Revolving doors are established as the preferred access solution, especially in high-traffic environments. Its global market value is expected to jump to $106 million by 2026, up from $88 million in 2020. Considering the following benefits of Turnstile Gate, it is no wonder that their popularity continues to grow

Turnstile Gate

Turnstile Gate

Provide secure access control for busy facilities

Thanks to technological advances, today's turnstiles are a far cry from crude metal doors. Modern turnstiles offer reliable and long-lasting performance in high-volume situations, monitoring, counting and maintaining reliable access control.

These features enhance security because they control the number of people credentialed to enter and exit a building and control the direction of access.

Revolving doors with electronic access control can work with ID readers and Biometric Systems. These are more effective ways to prevent unauthorized patrons from entering and further increase security.

Efficient access control

Revolving doors can handle up to 30 people per minute. In buildings with revolving doors, members or visitors can simply walk up to the revolving door, present their credentials, and enter the building. This not only saves time for visitors, but also relieves receptionists of an important burden.

Depending on the needs of the operation, entry through a revolving door can be further combined with almost any type of credential, including badges, bar codes, QR codes, and even cash. Especially for large or high-traffic facilities such as offices, libraries or stadiums, revolving doors are still considered the most efficient way to regulate access.

Whether it is an airport gate where boarding passes can be scanned or a public restroom with coin entry, turnstiles are the right access solution to optimize dense foot traffic.

Modern turnstiles facilitate data-driven development

The ability of modern turnstiles to combine credentials and payment methods, and to monitor and restrict access, also makes them a powerful tool for leveraging data.

The data collected by turnstiles about visitor profiles or behavior can enable facility managers to make better business decisions. For example, turnstiles can easily reveal peak hours or the average time spent on a particular activity. As a result, they can help facility managers and administrators understand and analyze their customers' behavior and improve their goods and services.

Revolving doors can be designed to deter crime

While installing revolving doors may feel like a counter-intuitive design choice for some architects, modern revolving doors offer purposeful design solutions.

As a result, a revolving door with aesthetic appeal is no longer an oxymoron: modern revolving doors can be customized with a variety of materials, casings and finishes to complement the design solution without compromising security.

Nonetheless, revolving doors remain a visual deterrent to potential threats. Even if they look more attractive, they still serve as a tangible reminder to anyone with criminal intent that the facility is protected and off-limits to them.

The same applies to environments that may require a few extra steps to enhance security. Floor-to-ceiling revolving doors - also known as full-height revolving doors - make high-risk or sensitive facilities virtually impenetrable.

While they've been around for a long time, revolving doors continue to evolve to meet the needs of modern customers and businesses. As they become smarter and more connected, there is no doubt that they are better suited than ever to facilitate secure and convenient access control in high-traffic environments.

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