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Anxia Technology Team trip in Guanzhi Mountain

Jun. 15, 2020

In order to enhance the team building and communication of Staff, the staff of Anxia company determine go to the mountain tourist attractions

Guanzhi Mountain is an abruptly uplifted mountain. Because its peak resembles a giant crown, it is named "Guanzhi" Guanzhi Mountain. The mountain is steep and peculiar. It was called together with Wuyi Mountain and was called "Beiyi Nanzhi, Danxia Shuangjue".

Guanzhi Mountain is majestic and precipitous. Behind the mountain is the gentle and beautiful Shimen Lake. The clear water reflects the Danshan Mountains. The two "realistic" gates are only 1km away from each other. One is in the water and the other is by the lake. The yin and yang are opposite each other, and they are called remotely. Known as "Hakka Mountain", "Life Mountain". The newly opened scenic area of Jiulong Lake, with a water surface of 1,200 mu, depends on mountains and rivers, and turns into a coral-like lake. The lake is breezy with jasper, the reflection is faint, the mountains, stones, and water are distinct and colorful. The four seasons are full of flowers and trees, lush, lush, mysterious and attractive. On New Year's Day in 2004, the Jiulong Lake Scenic Area has been fully opened to the outside world, and has now become one of the main tourist routes of Guanzhi

Anxia Technology Team trip in Guanzhi Mountain

We bravely face the rugged guanzhai mountain, through our own strong and cooperation between partners, in the face of hot weather is not easy to give up. Just as we working together in the company, to achieve the company's performance goals with strong perseverance.

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